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      Feliway Classic Diffuser with 48 ml bottle
      Feliway Classic Diffuser with 48 ml bottle

      Feliway Classic Diffuser with 48 ml bottle

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      Shipped within 24/72 hours based on the type of Product
      Natural solution based on feline pheromones to prevent and control the behavioral problems related to cat stress.
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      Feliway Diffuser with 48 ml bottle

      When a cat feels safe in its environment, it rubs its head against furniture, corners of walls or the bottom edge of curtains, depositing substances called facial pheromones. These pheromones convey a message of well-being, calm and absence of stress. When there are changes in the environment of cats (such as change of residence, new guests, new furniture arrangement, convalescence and veterinary hospitalization), or if the cat is afraid, a state of restlessness and stress can develop. This condition can lead to behavioral changes such as urinary marking, vertical scratching, loss of appetite, refusal to play and interact. In these situations, FELIWAY Diffuser can be used to restore the cat's natural balance.
      FELIWAY Diffuser is a safe solution based on cat facial pheromones. FELIWAY Diffuser imitates cat facial pheromones, creating an environment of well-being and tranquility.
      FELIWAY Diffuser allows you to prevent and control the cat's reactions to stressful situations.
      In the following situations:

      • Change of residence
      • Adoption
      • New furniture arrangement
      • Vacation Homes
      • New guests
      • Overpopulation
      • Convalescence and veterinary hospitalizations.

      Stress reactions manifested with:

      • Urinary marking
      • Vertical scratch
      • Loss of appetite
      • Reduced desire to play
      • Reduced interest in interaction

      1. Remove the cap from the bottle
      2. Screw the diffuser onto the bottle and tighten gently
      3. Plug the speaker into the electrical outlet and leave it plugged in continuously for at least one month

      1 bottle lasts about 4 weeks
      Coverage area: 50-70 sqm

      For urinary marking and scratching:
      Use FELIWAY Diffuser in the room where the marking takes place. If the cat marks in several rooms (with a total surface area greater than 70 square meters), place another diffuser in one of the other marked rooms.
      For loss of appetite, reduced desire to play and interact:
      Place the FELIWAY Diffuser in the room most used by the cat.

      • In case of vertical scratches, provide the cat with an easily visible scratcher as an alternative
      • Do not clean urine stains with ammonia or bleach.
      • Avoid punishments and repellents in order not to increase the stress of the cat.
      • The active components of Feliway are not extracted from animals.
      • Feliway is recognized by all cats, regardless of their breed, sex and age.

      Pack containing: 1 diffuser + 1 bottle of 48 ml.
      Refill: 1 bottle of 48 ml.
      The diffuser is specifically designed for this product. Product properties cannot be guaranteed if a different speaker is used. It is advisable to replace the electric diffuser after a continuous use of 6 months or after the total use of 6 bottles.
      Keep away from children. Don't cover. Check that the voltage is the same as that indicated on the speaker. Do not place under furniture. When plugged into the socket, do not touch the speaker with metal objects. Do not touch the speaker with your hands
      when it is active and as soon as it is removed it dances. The electric diffuser must only be used with this formulation of FELIWAY Diffusore. If another substance is used, it can increase its toxicity and flammability. The surface of the diffuser reaches high temperatures to favor the evaporation of the active components and therefore must not be touched while using the product. In case of contact with eyes, wash them immediately with water and seek the advice of a specialist. Avoid contact with skin. In case of skin contact, wash thoroughly with soap and water. If the product is swallowed, consult a doctor immediately and show him the label.


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