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      Feliway Classic Spray 60 ml
      Feliway Classic Spray 60 ml

      Feliway Classic Spray 60 ml

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      pheromones for cats
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      Feliway Spray 60 ml

      Fraction of a structural analogue of cat facial pheromones 10%. Vegetable excipient in alcoholic solution to taste 60 ml
      When the cat feels confident, it rubs its muzzle on furniture, on the edges of the walls or on the bottom edge of the curtains. By doing this, the cat lays substances called "facial pheromones", which translate a message of well-being, tranquility and absence of stress. If its environment is altered (change of residence, new furniture, unknown holiday location) or if the cat is threatened, a state of discomfort or stress can arise.
      This condition results in annoying inconveniences such as:

      • urinary marking of the territory (see glossary)
      • vertical scratches (see glossary)
      • meowing and stress during transport

      Feliway mimics the cat's facial pheromones. Feliway creates an environment of well-being and tranquility for your cat. Feliway avoids and prevents all the annoyances resulting from the cat's discomfort, namely:

      • urinary marking
      • vertical scratches
      • transport sickness (meowing, agitation, etc.)

      Feliway facilitates the adaptation and familiarization of the cat with a new environment: in other words, your cat will no longer feel “stressed” by entering a new place (for example a holiday resort).
      General scheme of use.
      Keep in mind that:

      • a single spray of Feliway is sufficient, staying at 10 cm. from the object
      • the bottle must be kept upright
      • a spray should be applied to the areas sprayed with urine
      • on the scratches the entire scratched surface must be covered (i.e. applying 4-6 sprays)
      • 8 sprays must be carried out in the transport cage (in correspondence with the corners as well as the cushion or floor covering);
      • on protruding objects in the room only one spray should be applied at a height of 20 cm. from the floor.

      To stop urinary marking:
      - for less than 5 cats: Feliway should be applied to urine sprayed areas and protruding objects once a day for 30 days.
      -for more than 5 cats: Feliway should be applied 2-3 times a day on areas sprayed with urine and once a day on protruding objects for 30 days. Keep in mind that overpopulation is a stressor for the cat.
      -for cats over 10 years old: Feliway should be applied to urine sprayed areas and protruding objects once a day for 45 days, then every 2-3 days.
      To prevent urinary marking:
      In the event of moving to a new home or a holiday home, Feliway should be sprayed once a day on protruding objects and in the corners of the room for a week.
      In case of vertical scratches:
      - when the scratches are related to the behavior of the cat in the vicinity of the bowl, the litter box or the bed, Feliway should be applied once a day on the scratched area for 21 days, also providing the cat, next to the scratched places, a suitable support easily visible (e.g. a wooden stake);
      - when scratches are linked to an emotional imbalance, Feliway should be applied to the scratched object once a day for 21 days. In the event that the scratches have been operated on by the cat for a month or more, spray the protruding objects around the room in order to create a reassuring environment.
      In case of transport in a crate
      -Clean the cage to remove the alarm pheromones (fear markers)
      - Make 8 sprays of Feliway on the bottom of the cage
      -Wait for the alcohol to evaporate (it will take a few minutes) before introducing the cat
      -Repeat the treatment at each transfer.
      -Feliway reassures the cat: it is essential to carefully nebulize the protruding objects of the room in order to create an environment of well-being. Do not spray on the animal. Never use bleach or ammonia to clean urine sprayed areas.
      -Before introducing the cat to the treated area, wait a few minutes to allow the alcohol to evaporate.
      -The product does not stain; however, we recommend a preliminary test. Do not spray on electricity sockets or on appliances in operation.
      - News and recommendations of various kinds
      - Respect the indicated application times even if an improvement is observed.
      -Apply Feliway on a daily basis.
      -Avoid punishments and repellent substances (which would increase the cat's stress and consequently the relative inconveniences).
      -Feliway does not eliminate bad smells.
      -Feliway can also be used from the outside.
      -The active components of Feliway are not extracted from animals.
      -The beneficial effects of Feliway are limited to cats.
      -Unlike natural pheromones, Feliway is recognized by all cats whatever their breed, sex and age.
      -Feliway must be used in all new environments for the cat, so as to create an environment of well-being.
      If, despite having respected the rules of use of the Feliway, the treatment is not successful, consult your veterinarian.
      Pheromones: these are substances that are transferred to the outside by an animal with the aim of orienting itself in its environment and communicating with its congeners. Facial pheromones: among the cat's pheromones, those that are deposited by rubbing the head are called facial pheromones. The cat deposits them on objects and places familiar to him: these pheromones have reassuring effects. Feliway contains an analogue of the cat's facial pheromone and shares its soothing properties. Urinary marking: this is a characteristic behavior. In the cat, although it falls within the range of its normal attitudes, the phenomenon can also occur when the animal is in stressful situations or feels threatened. The urinary traces produced in this way are characterized by a strong odor, even if the volume of urine emitted is minimal (as is mostly the case). These traces are located about 20 cm. from
      ground on vertical objects:

      • those produced in the vicinity of the bed, the bowl or the litter box, which indicate the presence of an imperative need to scratch on the part of the cat and require the provision of a suitable support (eg a wooden stake);
      • those produced anywhere else. In this case, a treatment with only Feliway is effective.

      Easily flammable
      Keep out of reach of children. Keep the container tightly closed, away from any flame or source of sparks. Do not smoke while dispensing.


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