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      Forza10 Cat Intestinal Active 454g
      Forza10 Cat Intestinal Active 454g

      Forza10 Cat Intestinal Active 454g

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      Shipped within 24/72 hours based on the type of Product

      For the reduction of food intolerances which target the cat's gastrointestinal system.

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      Intestinal Active is the complete food we have created for cats with intestinal disorders, such as:

      • Borborigmi
      • Diarrhea
      • Excessive craving for weed
      • Flatulence
      • Vomiting on an empty stomach

      Based on sea fish (high content of Omega3 fatty acids, very high protein value and high digestibility), Intestinal Active contributes to the improvement of the physiological defensive mechanisms of the gastrointestinal system, thanks above all to the precious added natural ingredients, such as Lactic ferments, Oregano, Chestnut, Natural WBC Heteropolysaccharides, Prebiotics, Electrolytes and Rosehip.


      • "Nutraceutical food", that is a healthy food that combines nutritional components selected for characteristics such as high digestibility and hypoallergenicity, the properties of natural principles extracted from plants, of proven and recognized efficacy

      • hypoallergenic diet formula specially designed for food intolerances with the cat's gastrointestinal tract as a target organ

      • formula conforms to the nutritional needs of subjects with malabsorption problems, poor digestion and exocrine pancreatic insufficiency

      • standardized and titrated natural principles, chosen to have constant efficacy in gastrointestinal disorders

      • stability of the phytocomplexes present in the AFS system and therefore their real activity.
        These principles, in order not to be largely destroyed by the high temperatures of the extruder as normally would happen, are cold worked and inserted in a special heart-shaped tablet.
        Not undergoing any heat treatment, they remain completely unaltered and can thus carry out their prolonged action over time

      • precious natural added ingredients, such as Enterococcus faecium, Oregano, Chestnut, Natural WBC Heteropolysaccharides, Prebiotics, Electrolytes and Rosehip, which contribute to the improvement of the physiological defense mechanisms of the gastrointestinal system

      • Omega3 / 6 ratio of 1: 3


      • reduction of acute intestinal absorption disorders

      • compensation of indigestion

      • indicated in exocrine pancreatic insufficiency

      • for the reduction of food intolerances which target the cat's gastrointestinal system

      • reduction of intolerances to ingredients and nutrients


      • pregnant or lactating females (due to lack of clinical studies)

      • kittens


      • Lactic ferments: constituents of the intestinal bacterial flora, they keep the functionality of this important organ intact.

      • Oregano (Origanum vulgaris): the beneficial effects of this plant are well known. The phytocomplex contained in it has very high values of antioxidant substances.

      • Chestnut (Castanea sativa): Chestnut extract has a significant protective effect on the gastro-intestinal mucosa.

      • Natural WBC heteropolysaccharides (Plantago psyllium): mucilages, heteropolysaccharides very abundant in Psyllium, are used for their strong absorbing and regulating power of intestinal transit.

      • Prebiotics: MOS are a cellular component of brewer's yeast that modulates the activity of intestinal bacteria.
        FOS are carbohydrates naturally contained in fruit and vegetables, they regulate the presence of some intestinal bacteria such as Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli, offering ideal support for food absorption.

      • Electrolytes: contribute to good rehydration, compensating for heavy losses and maintaining the right osmotic pressure in intra and extracellular fluids.

      • Dog rose (Rosa canina): precious natural source of Vitamin C. Increases the bioavailability of natural ingredients; it also has a protective effect on the vascular system and is a good activator of defensive and immune powers.



      (of kibble only): rice, fish meal, fish protein hydrolysates, chicken fat, brewer's yeast, fish oil, algae (Ascophyllum nodosum), beet pulp, minerals, dehydrated yeast (Bio MOS), FOS , Yucca schidigera. - (AFS tablet - 7% of the food): fish protein hydrolysates, vegetable protein hydrolysates, products obtained from the processing of herbs (Rosa canina 0.0788%), plantain seeds (Plantago psyllium mucilage 1%) 0.056%, minerals ( of which potassium salts deriving from organic acids 0.0252%), dehydrated yeast (Bio MOS) and FOS 0.0019%.


      vitamins: vitamin A 19,000 IU / kg, vitamin E / all-rac-alpha-tocopheryl acetate 120 mg / kg, choline chloride 1,000 mg / kg. Trace elements: copper chelate of glycine hydrate 78 mg / kg. Nutritional additives: DL-methionine 1,000 mg / kg, taurine 1,000 mg / kg. Technological additives: antioxidants, preservatives, extract rich in tocopherols of natural origin 20.1 mg / kg. Sensory additives: botanically defined natural products: Origanum vulgare 326 mg / kg, Castanea sativa 195 mg / kg, Rosmarinus officinalis 0.42 mg / kg. Intestinal flora stabilizers: microorganisms (E 1707 Enterococcus faecium DSM 10663-NCIMB 10415) 3.5x109 cfu. 110 mg / kg.

      Analytical Components

      humidity 9%, crude protein 32%, crude oils and fats 12%, crude fiber 4.2%, crude ash 8%, Omega3 0.61%, Omega6 1.78%, Na 0.4%, K 0.9%.

      Metabolizable Energy

      3.355 kcal / kg - 14.0 MJ / kg

      Period of use

      • during acute diarrhea and subsequent recovery periods of 1 to 2 weeks
      • compensation of indigestion: 3 to 12 weeks
      • for life in case of chronic pancreatic insufficiency
      • reduction of intolerances to ingredients and nutrients: from 3 to 8 weeks, if the symptoms of intolerance disappear, the product can be used indefinitely


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