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      INNOVET Restomyl Gel Bottle 30.00 ml
      INNOVET Restomyl Gel Bottle 30.00 ml

      INNOVET Restomyl Gel Bottle 30.00 ml

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      Physiologically restores the integrity of the oral mucosa
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      Restomyl® gel can be used to promote the normalization of the oral mucosa, in association with specialized dental interventions (eg scaling and polishing of the teeth, dental extractions, reduction of periodontal pockets). It can also represent a useful complement to the treatment of periodontal diseases on an inflammatory and / or allergic basis, both of the dog (e.g. gingivitis, stomatitis, periodontitis) and of the cat (e.g. chronic feline stomatitis), even in the presence of oro-mucosal ulcers ( e.g. indolent cat ulcer).


      Lift the lip by exerting a slight pressure with the dispenser head, making sure that the outlet hole of the gel is facing the mouth. Press the dispenser 1 or more times depending on the size of the animal. Thanks to its strong mucoadhesive properties, the gel is distributed in a short time over the entire oral mucosa. Repeat the application 2-3 times a day. Functional principles Adelmidrol (2%), hyaluronic acid, traumatic acid, phytosphingosine.

      Gel properties

      mucoadhesive which, depending on the substances contained in it, can be usefully used in Veterinary Dentistry as a normalizer of mucosal reactivity, restorative and bacteriostatic. Adelmidrol belongs to that class of substances collectively defined ALIAmides, whose progenitor is known as Palmidrol. Through a biological modulation mechanism known by the acronym ALIA (Autacoid Local Injury Antagonism), ALIAmides are able to reduce the excessive release of inflammatory mediators by mast cells and other cells belonging to the immune system (e.g. macrophages, basophils). In doing so, Adelmidrol regulates the reactivity of the oral mucosa by restoring its homeostatic balance. Traumatic acid is a substance of vegetable origin capable of stimulating the convergence of keratinocytes, favoring re-epithelialization and the recovery of mucosal integrity. This activity is particularly useful in inflammations of the oral cavity which are often accompanied by erosions / ulcerations of the mucosal epithelium. Phytosphingosine is a compound naturally present in the epithelium of the oral mucosa, where it functions as a "building block" for sphingolipids. It has important bacteriostatic activities, being able to limit the growth and penetration of Gram-positive (eg Staphylococcus aureus) and Gram-negative (eg Pseudomonas aeruginosa) bacteria. The product uses an original mucoadhesive technology, based on the natural properties of hyaluronic acid, a glycosaminoglycan physiologically present in tissues and biological fluids, which, by virtue of a particular "ball" structure, is able to retain all inside its mesh and to release in a controlled way the substances jointly present in the formulation. On the outside, hyaluronic acid has specialized areas (defined bioligant epitopes), which bind, in a highly selective and reversible way, to specific receptors expressed on the keratinocytes of the oral mucosa. The two properties described above make hyaluronic acid an optimal innovative biotechnological system, which allows Restomyl® a long stay in the site of topical application and a controlled release of the substances contained therein.


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